Sunday Bests: Sola Rosa

For 20 years, HiFi has specialised in postponing the working week that bit longer, and squeezing as much fun out of the weekend as possible. Each week at the Sunday Joint we welcome all you weekend warriors in for a free night of cutting edge live music and DJs, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon. So, to celebrate this “day of rest”, we ask our SJ bands to name their Sunday Bests.


This week’s selections come all the way from Kiwi…


Act name: Sola Rosa Sound System

Band members: Andrew Spraggon, Kevin Mark Trail, and Rachel Huggins

Hometown: Auckland, NZ & London

Genre: Soul, Funk, Neo Soul, Beats


Have you played the Sunday Joint before? What did you think?

Andrew: “Yeah back in 2015. It was cool. Nice crowd, good vibes. First time in Leeds for me and apart from your crazy roads, it was wicked!”


Best album for a Sunday?

“Man that’s a tough one. Personally I like a good mix tape but a solid Sunday album for me would be something like Tall Black Guy’s 8 Miles To Moenart.”


Best meal for a Sunday?

“Mexican, always Mexican.”


Best novel for a Sunday?

“Anything by Peter Guralnick – my favourite music writer. I mostly read music bios.”


Best Sunday day out?

“BBQ with friends – we do a lot of BBQ’s in NZ. Or time with my kids.”


Sunday: a day of rest, work or play?

“Depends if I’m getting paid. I try to take Sundays off but music is a 7-day job sometimes. I take my Sundays off when I can to spend with my kids.”


Your most memorable Sunday?

“You’re asking a man with one of the worst memories in the world. Any Sunday that I’m relaxing is a good Sunday.”


What can we expect from your performance on Sunday?

“All sorts – funks, soul, beats, jazz; we really mix up the flavours. Kevin Mark Trail our male vocalist is an amazing performer, he was part of The Streets for years and has been around a while now, he’s really one to check out. Rachel Huggins I haven’t toured with before but her and Kevin go way back and she’s played with DJ Vadim so cant wait to tour with both those guys. We’ll also be premiering some new material so there’s some surprises in there.”


What do you have coming up?

“I’m currently finishing off an EP due out later this year and at the same time working on the 7th album due out later in 2018. There’s loads of summer shows back in NZ once I get home and talk of a north American tour next year too so super busy, exciting times.”


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