Sunday Bests: Royal Sounds

For 20 years, HiFi has specialised in postponing the working week that bit longer, and squeezing as much fun out of the weekend as possible. Each week at the Sunday Joint we welcome all you weekend warriors in for a free night of cutting edge live music and DJs, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon. So, to celebrate this “day of rest”, we ask our SJ bands to name their Sunday Bests.

This fine London reggae outfit, who are on a mission to spread a positive message, offer their picks…


Act name: Royal Sounds

Band members: Hannibal, Ras Sempah, Ajani & Gyasi. Plus additional members: Fagan, Keith Mindlinkk & Calvin

Hometown: London

Genre: Reggae


Best album for a Sunday?

“Bob Marley & The Wailers – Survival”


Best meal for a Sunday?

“Fried fish with rice & peas… Jamaican style!”


Best film for a Sunday?

“Countryman [1982]”


Sunday: day of rest, work or play? What do you do?

“Usually we’re relaxing on a Sunday, getting ready for a musical week… Listening to some tunes, cooking/cleaning, taking it easy!”


Your most memorable Sunday?

“Going to the beach with family in Jamaica! Five minute drive to our local beach, eating fried fish & festivals, taking in some good vibes!”



What can we expect from your performance on Sunday?

“High energy levels. Performing tracks from our upcoming debut album #BurningInspiration. Expect positive vibes, meaningful lyrics and groovy beats from the Royal Sounds team!”


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