Sunday Bests: Regime

For 20 years, HiFi has specialised in postponing the working week that bit longer, and squeezing as much fun out of the weekend as possible. Each week at the Sunday Joint we welcome all you weekend warriors in for a free night of cutting edge live music and DJs, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

So, to celebrate this “day of rest”, we ask our SJ bands to name their Sunday Bests. Here are the selections of Bristol’s finest hip-hop-reggae-rockers…


Act name: REGIME

Band members:
Jez, Theo, Charlie, Uri, Conor – surnames omitted to protect us from government surveillance.

Hometown: Bristol, but with some Welsh and Spanish roots.

Genre: There is lots going on in our sound but most people say we’re live reggae hip hop to change the minds of those who didn’t think they liked hip hop. The live aspect is very important, no turntables get harmed in our performance.
Best album for a Sunday?

Bob Marley – Survival


Best meal for a Sunday?

Something to nourish you ready to dance on Sunday night….I’m sure we’ve got a song about food somewhere…..
Best film for a Sunday?

V for Vendetta


Sunday: a day of rest, work or play? What do you do?

For the last 6 months we’ve been creating this new album ready for this tour so we’re amped for our performance.
Your most memorable Sunday?

Remembrance sunday


What can we expect from your performance on Sunday?

Expect Pappa Chills giving it some major jawline whilst playing bass, Theo the ageless drummer, Uri being so classically Spanish (he can’t help but be cool) Conor…. well just wait for Conor and me – Jez I just say some words about stuff that I find important and I hope to make other people think about it if they don’t already.


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