Sunday Bests: Mansion of Snakes

For 20 years, HiFi has specialised in postponing the working week that bit longer, and squeezing as much fun out of the weekend as possible. Each week at the Sunday Joint we welcome all you weekend warriors in for a free night of cutting edge live music and DJs, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon. So, to celebrate this “day of rest”, we ask our SJ bands to name their Sunday Bests.

Leeds’ best loved afro-beat band give there selections below…

Act name: Mansion of Snakes

Band members: Ben Powling and Jack Davis

Hometown: Leeds

Genre: Cosmic afro-funk

Best album for a Sunday?

Jack Davis : Period of Transition by Van Morrison

Ben Powling: Plastic Surgery Disasters by The Dead Kennedys or WHOKILL by tUnE-yarDs, depending on the vibe of your hangover.

JD: Really?

BP: One of our guitarists got in from a festival once, made a roast for one and ate it in front of the TV, naked and crying. Actually, that was on a Monday. It had been a heavy weekend.

Best film for a Sunday?

JD: Tropic Thunder

BP: Dr Strangelove

Sunday: day of rest, work or play? What do you do?

JD: All three, like every other fucking day

BP: Musicians’ schedules are fucked; I rarely know what day it is.

Your most memorable Sunday?

BP: My memory is shot away.

JD: When I made a roast listening to Van The Man and then ate it watching Tropic Thunder.

What can we expect from your performance on Sunday?

JD: Everything you would want from a Sunday night at HIFI. Hangovers will be exiled and the bar will hemorrhage booze. Oh, and there’ll be some cosmic shit going on on stage.

BP: Boozing, boogying and hopefully some kind of ritual where we attempt to summon the spirits of Fela Kuti, Pharoah Sanders and Bernie Worrell. Yes, I know they’re not all dead.

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