Sunday Bests: Hyde Park Brass

For 20 years, HiFi has specialised in postponing the working week that bit longer, and squeezing as much fun out of the weekend as possible. Each week at the Sunday Joint we welcome all you weekend warriors in for a free night of cutting edge live music and DJs, and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon. So, to celebrate this “day of rest”, we ask our SJ bands to name their Sunday Bests.

This next band are bold as brass. You’ve probably seen them around Leeds at some point, either in a bar or even dominating the top end of Briggate…


Act name: Hyde Park Brass

Band members: Rich Hodgson, Sam Rosenbach, Harry McCagherty, Harry Rees, Charlie Knighton, Lewis Hammond, James Hobbis, Chris Cox, Joe Whelan

Hometown: “The band was formed in Leeds, but we are all from opposite ends of the country”

Genre: Brass


Best album for a Sunday?

“Menagerie by Bill Withers.”


Best meal for a Sunday?

“Sunday Roast, obviously.”


Best film for a Sunday?

“Die Hard (any except the 5th one).”




Sunday: day of rest, work or play? What do you do?

“We usually have a rehearsal and then go to the pub, so a mix of all three.”


Your most memorable Sunday?

“As a band, it would have to be our last Sunday Joint in December.”



What can we expect from your performance on Sunday?

“Noise, energy, brass and beats.”


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