PBR Streetgang’s Top 5 Late Night Jams

As a Leeds based club, we absolutely love PBR Streetgang. For years, we have been proud to say that they are one of our finest exports – and definitely one of the biggest. Name an international club, and Bonar and Tom have almost definitely played there. They’ve even played in an igloo. But they still stay true to their Yorkshire roots, and are returning home on 15th December for a very special party at HiFi, celebrating the release of their debut LP, Late Night Party Line. With stunning artwork by James Harvey, a whole host of special guest musicians and a decade of production behind it, this is most certainly their magnum opus. And quite fittingly, it celebrates the unadulterated excitement of the small hours, the time frame they have inhabited and taken ownership of throughout their career.
As such, we asked the duo to select five tracks that really represent that time of the night. Stick these on, and give the Late Night Party Line a call…


“The daddy of late night records.”


“A right creepy throber ! will always remind me of Optimo playing this many years ago.”


“åme before they went all emo trance and still sampled disco records like the rest of us…”



“About as late night and sleazy as it gets…the original, accept no substitute…shake those tassels gurl!”


“Well…what did you expect. I wasn’t going to leave it out was I?!”


You can pre-order the album here.