Influences: Huw Eddy & The Carnival

Huw Eddy & The Carnival are alumni of Leeds College of Music, and one of its success stories. Having studied in Leeds, they now travel the country bringing down house after house with their stomping brand of americana-folk. Now, they return to their home in Yorkshire for a gig at the Sunday Joint that is fittingly associated with their old university. As part of our collaboration, the Sam Wilde Band, one of the college’s finest current acts, will support Huw and his gang in a celebration of LCoM music old and new on 11th February.

We chatted to the band to find out where the roots of their sound lie.


Your earliest musical memory

“Well I can’t speak for the whole band but it was probably sitting under the piano singing along as my older sister had singing lessons, aged 2/3…I think she was learning something by the spice girls. I loved it.”


The first record/cd you bought

“Good Charlotte – The Young and The Hopeless. My tastes have changed a bit. Still a banger of a record.”


A record given to you by your parents

“Deep Purple ‘Greatest Hits’ on tape!”


A record that made you pick up an instrument/play music

“When I first started writing songs Johnny Cash was a bit of an idol, so probably his live album live from Folsom Prison. I was crap at the guitar and still learning the basics so 3 chord songs were right up my street. Some of them were two!”


A tune from your school days

“Probably Jamie T – Sticks & Stones because I used to think I was cool…but really I was tragic.”


A record that altered your music taste forever

“The Beatles Love Album. Only because it altered the way I looked at songwriting and showed me there are no boundaries.”


A record from your first clubbing/gig-going experiences

“Pendulum – Tarantula”


A record that affected your political standpoint

“Difficult one but Cold Fact by Rodriguez was an eye opener in that respect! Great Album!”


An unlikely influence

“John Grant”