In the bag: Will Lister

Ahead of his set at Loop next week, we spoke to a Balamii Radio regular, and a notoriously brilliant club DJ about the highlights of his record bag. He had an amazing summer of festival and radio appearances, even being featured on the Dimensions Festival DJ Directory, which spotlights the UK’s brightest young selectors. His second release, Space To Breathe, came out this year on the Joy In Repetition label.


Name(s): Will

DJ/Producer name: Will Lister

Hometown: London


First record ever bought? 

This came out when I was like 13/14 and blew my brains out.



Best floorfiller?

Justin Timberlake – Senorita



Best warehouse/stadium filler?

Never played in a stadium but would probably try this out.



Best chill-out record?

Best post-club walk home track. Listened to it a lot on night buses home.



Most nostalgic record?

Rolling Stones – Exile on Main Street



Most valuable record? (monetary or sentimental)

Bit of both this one.. Pete from OTC gave me a copy of this when it first came out. Probably one of the most beautiful records I own.



Last record you bought?

Instant purchase on most of MH’s stuff.



Record you wish you could own?

Stunning track, I remember adding this to my cart from the online Nyami Nyami site and then leaving it because postage from France was like a tenner. I decided to wait and get it from the UK, then forgot about it, and went to buy it again and it’d sold out.