In The Bag: Scott Dulson

Each Saturday during summer, we have been asking Leeds’ finest selectors to come and sit in for Sam, and look after his Soul Shack for the evening. One of those DJs is Scott Dulson.

Scott has been a regular HIFI club resident since we opened, playing at nights such as MoveOnUp, Funksoulnation and Boogaloo (since replaced by SSS). He is also the Host of the brilliant ‘Take a Trip’ show on KMAH Radio. This versatility is a testament to the scope of his record collection. Ever curious, we asked him a few questions about what’s in his bag…

(His next appearance at the Soul Shack will be on 5th August, and it’s free entry as usual.)


First record ever bought?

Tough one to remember. My first records probably came from my Dad (also a DJ) but the first ones I bought for myself were probably from the Trans Pennine record fair in Liverpool when I was 17 or 18. Probably on Atlantic records; in fact I remember being chuffed to own an original copy of “Memphis Soul Stew’ by King Curtis.



Best floorfiller?

Gil Scott Heron and Brian Jackson – ‘The Bottle’ (live)

This sorts the wheat from the chaff as far as the dancefloor is concerned; in fact it can actually send the less committed dancer off to the bar! However if they can stay moving through the 5 minute percussion breakdown the drop when the song kicks back in and Gil goes all out will repay them in pure euphoria. I’ve seen people jumping up and down in the air and high fiving each other when it happens.



Best crate dig?

Best shops I’ve visited are Groove Merchant in San Francisco, Eldica in East London, Heartbeat Records in Paris and most recently Human Head Records in Brooklyn. If I could pick one…hmm…well Human Head managed to provide original copies of both psych classic ‘Odessey and Oracle’ by The Zombies and New Orleans Funk giants The Meters eponymous debut LP, which have been on my list for a long long time.



Sleaziest record?

You’re making me blush…but seeing as you asked nicely, I’d say ‘Turn off the Lights’ by Larry Young’s Fuel. Filthy.



Best warehouse/stadium filler?

Toss up between ‘Let’s start the Dance’ by Hamilton Bohannon and ‘Hallelujah’ by Chi Coltrane. Probably the latter one has the edge as it’s less well known and therefore less expected. Chi is a piano playing singer songwriter in a Carole King vain but this track goes full power gospel, with a breakdown at home in the Hacienda or the Paradise Garage. Hallelujah indeed!



Best chill-out record?

Big fan of this chunk of Cosmic balearica by Spanish band Falcons – ‘Perdido en el Universo’ or ‘Lost in the Universe’



Most nostalgic record?

‘Shh for a little while’ – James Brown

This record brings back a lot of memories; I picked it up as part of my first ever digging escapade in NYC at the now defunct Strider Records (big loss). That haul in many ways gave me my first gigs at Move on Up and Funksoulnation at the legendary Underground Club and provided me with a number of 7”s other budding DJ’s didn’t have. It’s impossible to listen to this record and not be whisked back to those heady days.



Most valuable record? (monetary or sentimental)

I’m a massive fan of Krautrock legends Can, especially the LP ‘Tago Mago’ on which Damo Suzuki is the Lead vocalist. One of my DJ highlights was playing a set before one of his gigs a few years back in Liverpool. We hung out in the dressing room and he signed my copy of Tago Mago. I don’t usually ask for things to get signed but I had my records with me anyway and it just sort of happened organically. So although I’ve got a fair few pricey records in my collection, that signed LP is probably one of my most valuable.



Weirdest record?

I wouldn’t call it ‘weird’ but it’s definitely very interesting and somewhat of an oddity; ‘Raga Bhairav’ by Charanjit Singh from his ‘10 Ragas to a Disco beat’ LP. It was recorded in ‘82 in Bombay using what were back then state of the art Roland synths. Several years later the same synths were used by producers making Acid house in the late 80’s/early 90’s. So I guess it’s kind of the first acid house record…or not! Either way definitely worth checking the LP out.



Last record you bought?

This amazing Afro Jazz/Funk LP by ASSAGAI. It’s got several stone cold classics on there, for both the dancefloor and your living room. The odd thing is it was released on UK Rock label Vertigo, home to none other than Black Sabbath.



Record you wish you could own?

Probably an original copy of either the 7” of ‘Balek’ by Mark Moulin’s Placebo (not the awful 90’s band) or the LP it’s off; ‘1973’ both are incredibly rare, the seven goes for about £300-400, the LP £600 plus. I’m still wishing I’ll happen upon it in junk shop somewhere.. But I doubt it!