In the bag: Sam Toone

Sam Toone is one of the most fearsome record collecting forces in Leeds. He has an ear for all things groove, having delved into the depths of jazz and tracked the sounds that followed, regularly frequenting Leeds’ more electronic orientated nights too. He is a resident at the HiFi Club’s FSN and Sunday Joint where he never fails to keep things interesting – but it is the radio studio where he really shines. His KMAH Radio show ‘Love Is Overtaking Me’ plumbs the depths of underground sound, providing glorious moments of enlightenment on a regular basis, and a musical zen that other shows can only dream of reaching. This feature, in which he has kindly written about some of his records, lends a similar holism and education.


Name: Samuel Toone

Home Town: Bromley

Day Job: Acoustics


First Record Ever Bought?

Gorillaz (Self Titled)

Now, the first record I ever bought was technically a CD – and I wasn’t old enough to purchase it. Gorillaz (Self-Titled) from Woolworths in Penge, obviously this one isn’t in the bag at the moment and I feel I have lost it as right now I can’t find it.

Every single person will know this album for the classics were on this album (Starshine and Clint Eastwood).

My favourite from it is ‘Tomorrow Comes Today’, just that broken beat sound of that era is something that I recognise from my youth the most, which would be the same for anyone born in the late 80’s / early 90’s – something I can appreciate more now.


Best Floor Filler?

Reuben Wilson – Got To Get Your Own

This is my go to 7” when everyone needs bringing back to life, or changing direction at any point within the night. The fill at the beginning that leads into the funkiest synth and guitar line, there is never a single person who isn’t getting down.

Released under ‘Soul Peeper’, which is a collection series by Phillips Records, although this appears to be on Chess Records. Chuck Jackson – Love Lights is another great record from this series (

Compilation – (


Best Cover Art?

Joachim Fuchs-Charrier – Pictures at a Drumhibition Part III

I had a lot of difficulty picking out one particular record for this section. Whereas most of the others I had about 2 records in mind, this one I had about 50.

This is an album that is comprised mainly of Drum Solos in a Jazz-Fusion format with focus on Latin percussion.

A great Jazz Dance track is featured on this album titled ‘Samba Carioca’.




Best Crate Dig?

Black Heat – No Time To Burn

Until I went into Eldica last summer I hadn’t seen this one out in wild, where social interaction and music belongs.

I wanted to find this record in that way, a long trip to London where I was trapped on the M1 for hours on end, getting there 3 hours later and there it was…

Right at the front…

It’s all about Check It All Out on this album, a trip in Psychedelic Soul and political messages – it has ever since remained in the bag everywhere I go.


Sleaziest Record?

Donna McGhee – Make It Last Forever

I needn’t say any more as the title lays it down, as does your first ever listen.


Most Valuable Record?

The Awakening – Mirage

Most valuable in monetary value is The Awakening – Mirage, as well as all my other Black Jazz Records releases.

I recently did a mix of various Black Jazz Releases in which a few tracks come from the album.


Weirdest Record?

David Shrigley – Dont’s

The choice between this was either David Shrigley or David Shrigley…

For those who are not sure who David Shrigley is, he is an illustrator of zany, out there characters and sketches, as well as a multitude of books, in which one that I have titled… “How Are You Feeling – At The Centre Of The Inside Of The Human Brain’s Mind”


Back to the record…

Dont’s is a drumbeat in which spoken word lyrics such as; “Don’t put your nephew in the microwave” “There is no such thing as a metal frisbee” are spoken over the top.

Whenever I can, I try play this as a last song, hoping people leave confused and wanting to go home. “And above all, don’t eat scorpions”


Last Record You Bought?

Hilario Duran – Habana 9pm

I’ve been searching for great Latin American records recently, unfortunately i’ve not had the chance to go over there and take in the way of life, the culture and record shops, hopefully next year.

But this one popped up and both Handel Beat and La Contrapartida have become instant favourites of mine – as well as buying the “City of Gods – Soundtrack” at the same time.

My next KMAH show will be a focus on music of Latin America with Conor from GlugGlug (18/06/16)