In the bag: Glug Glug

Ahead of Nord’s Equinox Dance, we spoke to one of the selectors who is set to appear alongside the night’s residents. He is an esteemed selector in Leeds who regularly collaborates with And Or Emporium, and puts on his own Dinner Legs events at Wharf Chambers, specialising in anything that could come under the ‘new wave’ umbrella. We asked him about some of the records that have found their way into his bag.


Name(s): Conor Aldis

DJ name: Glug Glug

Hometown: Leicester


First record ever bought?

Elvis Presley – Elvis’ Golden Records Vol. 2


The reason that this stood out to me was the cover. The music on it doesn’t interest me too much but I could spend my life looking into those smokey eyes. How a record looks is important to me – lots of my favourite records have come about because the cover tickled me.



Best floorfiller?

Ihsan Al Munzer – Jamileh

This was one of the first middle eastern tracks I heard that blew me away. It’s great to see people have the same reaction. It always turns a head or two.



Best crate dig?

Clifton Dyson & Rick Webb – I Can’t Let You Go

I didn’t find this in a record shop but through a discogs seller. It always does me well to find a seller with 1000s+ of records and treat it like you’re I’m in a shop. And that’s how I found this. It was still sealed from 88! Listen to that voice!



Sleaziest record?

The (Hypothetical) Prophets – Person to Person

I think my records are more smooth than sleazy but this gives me a particularly uneasy feeling. A big hit with the ladies.



Best warehouse/stadium filler?

Digital Justice – Profit (No Till)

Does things in the stadium like you wouldn’t believe. I usually buy records with smaller settings in mind but this would do the trick. Complete euphoria.



Best chill-out record?

Leonard Cohen – Songs of Leonard Cohen

I never would have said I was a fan of Leonard Cohen until after he died. Only then did I go through his back catalogue and I ended up buying this. The last song ‘One of Us Cannot Be Wrong’ is like a lullaby, I’m not sure what it’s about and I’d like to keep it that way.



Most nostalgic record?

Furniture – When The Boom Was On

Last year I went to Japan for a few weeks by myself and I basically just walked around with my headphones in. The Track ‘Why Are We In Love’ was in a mix from Vincenzo Vuolo and I had it on repeat, usually skipping the first few tracks to hear it. When I got back I bought it straight away. Listening to it brings back all the ups and downs.



Most valuable record? (monetary or sentimental)

Patterson Twins – Let Me Be Your Lover

I’ve never had the ‘what is this’ feeling more than when I heard the track ‘Disco Dream’. I could never afford the original and the repress was still out of reach. A few months later I got some money for a gig and that was that. Tune.



Weirdest record?

Sisters Slim – Devils of The Night


I picked this up the other week from the Flea Pit Company in Headingley. A lot of the stock is scratched up and not playable but it’s always worth the trip. There’s no information about this online. It’s single sided + private press + sounds like it’s from the north + the copy is signed by them on the back! Over the four minutes they shout a workout routine over some cheap new beat. Not my best record but it’s my weirdest.


Last record you bought?

Struggle – If You Love Me

A couple of dancehall 7s and this is one of them. Get down to this on Friday ☺



Record you wish you could own?

Admas – Sons of Ethiopia

I found out about this record when I came across a 12 of Kalatashew Waga. A repress has been on the cards for quite a while (on Frederiksberg Records) but a new release date on Juno looks like it could finally be happening.