In the bag: DJ Marko Afro

If you’ve been out of an evening in Leeds, then you are bound to have encountered Mark Crossley at some point. He has been a regular feature behind the bar at some of Leeds’ trendiest venues, including Outlaws Yacht Club and as the general manager of the Hyde Park Book Club. He is regularly behind the decks, too, bringing all manner of 1960s heat to the city’s dance floors. His reputation as a collector is near-unrivalled in Yorkshire, and that’s why he has recently earned a full time position at Jumbo Records.

Alongside crazy psychedelic music and rock ‘n’ roll, Mark is packing a whole bunch of amazing soul music, which is why we have invited him to take the reigns of MoveOnUp’s New Year’s Eve party at HiFi. To celebrate, we asked if we could have a quick peep into his record bag…


Name: Mark Crossley

DJ name: DJ Marko Afro

Hometown: Leeds


First record ever bought?

I suppose I should say something cool here but I’ll tell the truth instead. I can’t really remember the first record I bought. Could be any of about 15 in my head, pretty sure it was Velvet Underground & Nico. I do remember the first single I ever bought, so we’ll roll with that. (I was 10 years old).



Best floorfiller?

It’s an obvious choice but I guess that’s why it works!?! Must have been playing this track out for over ten years and I’ve never not seen it get a reaction. It’s a banger.



Best crate dig?

I was doing a road trip round America with my girlfriend over a year ago now. I was digging in a record shop in Austin called ‘Friends Of Sound’ just off South Congress and stumbled across a cool looking 7” on Mala. I gave it a spin and it started off like some typical bond theme but then after a rather characterless voice in spoken words said the words “one if these days we’re going to blow ourselves up” it then broke out into mad percussion & horns that sounded like elephants in my head. Throw in mad breaks & moog synth samples galore & that was it. Also had the added bonus of actually been Jonathan Toubin’s copy he used to play on Soul Clap. I paid 3 dollars for it.



Sleaziest record?

Funky, saucy & French – about all I can say. Once played it out & I was really embarrassed sounded cooler at home. In a bar just sounded just like loud sex noises. It’s a tune though so didn’t feel that bad.



Most nostalgic record?

Reminds me of watching Only Fools & Horses at Christmas when I was a kid.


Most valuable record? (monetary or sentimental)

My copy isn’t an original think it’s a late 70’s press. But I couldn’t live without it. My favourite album……I think.


Weirdest record?

Haha. This could take a while – too many to mention. This one always stands out. Think there was drugs consumed in the making of this one.


Last record you bought?

Was found for me on Leeds outdoor market by local guru Matt Bradshaw.


Oliver Walkden